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[workaround] Stackable refuses to update – “There is a new version… Buy a license now”

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Free forever but you cannot update

tl;dr: Stackable’s 3.1.5 update throws up a modal dialog preventing update (!); temporarily disable javascript to stop that happening and permit the update to go through

Trying to update Stackable, a plugin I installed to get an expanding box of links (and then had a problem with), gives me an unusual response:

New Version Available

“There is a new version of Stackable – Gutenberg Blocks available. Buy a license now to access version 3.1.5 security & feature updates, and support.”

this happens on attempting to check the update box! Other folks are having this issue too.

In my view, breaking update workflow with a modal dialog which unchecks the update — a security update! — is a pretty big sin.


Since it was a dialog that was probably being created by jQuery or similar I tried disabling javascript. That seemed to do the job:

Updating Plugin Stackable - Gutenberg Blocks (1/1)
Downloading update from…
Unpacking the update…
Installing the latest version…
Removing the old version of the plugin…
Plugin updated successfully.

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