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My One Arch Install Tip

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screenshot from arch linux install environment (credit phoenixNAP)

Well, actually three

A reader reached out via contact form to ask about how to install Arch on the Dell Wyse 3040, as I’ve done. It’s their first Arch install and they hit a stumbling block. I sympathised, as I’ve been there!

My advice to them is the same as the advice given to me and to many others: read the install guide, and follow all the steps carefully. Where I have come a cropper before tends to be one of two things- either I missed a step, or I didn’t follow it carefully enough. That means following links too!

The other thing I would recommend is trying out the installation process in a VM, so that you can refer to the install guide from the same computer as you do it, while you get familiar with the process.

Lastly, I would also recommend enabling SSH access to the installer environment, while taking sensible security precautions of course. The reason is the same- being able to read the guide and copy/paste certain things is a real time-saver.

Happy arching! Not that kind of arching…

(Image credit pheonixNAP)

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