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Simple Blender For Streaming: BRB Screen

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Walking before I run

I’m a relative beginner in Blender, having dabbled in the past with different things. I’ve used it to do bits and pieces, like stinger transitions.

Having seen a decent simple ‘BRB’ screen on AliMackScot’s stream (Twitch link), so I figured I’d whip up one of my own.

One of the few gifs small enough to upload here

Blender is really powerful. Like super super powerful. So to get back into it it’s best to keep things simple- the above is a simple bit of text, with a particle being generated in a volume. It’s not going to win any design awards, but it reminded me of:

  • camera repositioning
  • text objects and font handling
  • nodes (and where to find them!)
  • bevelling
  • freestyle for outlining

I’ll use the above, or one of the other dark variants as a placeholder for now. I have some complex ideas that I’d love to realise — I can see them in my head! they look really cool and slick! — but the old aphorisms are true- you’ve ogtta walk before you run.

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