Terminal sharing via web? Use Gotty

I found an old 2.5″ hard drive that I didn’t recognise, and it was not keen to mount- it kept errorring out. So I figured I’d ddrescue it, and wanted to share that process with a friendly online community.

But sharing my terminal was something I hadn’t done before, so I cast around for suggestions and someone mentioned gotty:

GoTTY – Share your terminal as a web application

GoTTY is a simple command line tool that turns your CLI tools into web applications.

It does read-only (and interactive) sharing easily, though I had some issues getting it to play nice with nginx, mostly down to my own configuration choices elsewhere.

So I got it all hooked up and folks watched the recovery via a web interface at http://bertieb.org/tty/ (if I’m not running gotty that’ll error out, but I can see using it again in future) with bated breath… or maybe that was just me!

PS It turns out the drive didn’t fully recover but I got enough to figure out that it wasn’t even mine- I think I removed it from a salvaged laptop that used to run some services for me.

Screenshot update:

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