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Solved: No Files In MPD (eg mpc ls)

I was doing my initial “is it working?” tests after reinstalling mpc, and mpc ls was not giving me any output. ncmpc was also showing no files. What I didn’t appreciate was that the music database is no populated by default- you have to issue an “update” command manually (or semi-manually by running a client that issues the command for you).

mpc update

and your directories should be searched!

5 thoughts on “Solved: No Files In MPD (eg mpc ls)”

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  2. 11 years later, you’ve saved my laptop from being punched to death. Sincere thanks. mpd’s defaults turn me away every time – it really shouldn’t install as a system service (which it does on Ubuntu at least), and surely it could update if the config file is newer than the database. *sigh*

    Thanks again!

  3. Hi Tommy, glad to hear it helped prevent violence to a laptop! >_< Thanks for stopping by at letting me know these old posts are still saving folks from frustration, as feeling that myself is what motivated this in the first place!

  4. Aye I’m considering putting my vast mess of org-mode notes-on-everything online for the same reason, once I’ve expurgated personal details and secrets. I’m 98% is no use to anyone, but making the other shred of content googleable seems worthwhile.

  5. Well I for one would be interested in reading anything related to org-mode itself for sure! It’s one of those things that if you ask 5 org-mode users about their workflow you get 6 different answers… All compelling though, interesting to see how people do things. It’s a worthwile thing to do, putting the writeups online, just finding the time to do so… good luck!

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