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Nostalgia is Playing Wipeout 2097 Again

Let me paint a picture for you. It’s 1996. Clinton is in power in the US and can do no wrong, while on this side of the pond John Major’s grip on power is weakening. One bright grey afternoon at my sister and brother-in-law’s flat my sister pointed out a new device on the floor of their living room. “Do you see what we’ve got?”. Not being familiar with the device in question, I asked “A Nintendo 64?”. The reply came smugly: “No… a PlayStation.”. Ace! I’d heard of that! It was supposed to be really cool. “Can I see?”.

So in due course Wipeout 2097 was loaded (I should say wipE’out” 2097, or Wipeout XL for our American friends) and I gazed in awe at the marvellous 3d graphics and smooth gameplay. Soon enough I was playing it myself, even more in awe of the power of this new machine.

So I took a trip down memory lane today and relived my first PSX moment. Despite being very rusty I breezed through the first four levels, but on the final two my lack of practice started to show:

It’s still a really good game, in my opinion. And while the music wouldn’t be my first choice for a lazy Sunday afternoon, it definitely complements the game.

2 thoughts on “Nostalgia is Playing Wipeout 2097 Again”

  1. I have been playing this since last year on the PC. I burned the coldstorage soundtrack on a audio cd and then cloned it with clone cd and loaded it up on Daemon tools. My heart rushed as the game intro loaded. I kill as many cars as I can and the weird thing is the more agressive driver you are the higher chance you have of getting your ass blown off the track.

    I still keep drooling over the harder levels using the superfast hovercar and although I mostly play the track Canada, I get so hooked on the trance music. One of the best games

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