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Left 4 Dead 2

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So it’s official, Valve have announced Left 4 Dead 2;. I’m excited.  I won’t be participating in any boycott, as I’ve gotten a lot of value from the current iteration (as you can see).

Honestly, this sense of entitlement is mind-boggling. I understand that some are frustrated that it took so long for Dead Air and Death Toll to be released as versus campaigns, and we still don’t have proper community campaigns, but the rest of the product is very polished.

Actually, I can kind of see their point, especially as US players will probably have paid $50 retail for it (I paid… £27, I think). Australian users probably paid even more, but that’s par for the course (though no less irritating). However, Valve have given me a lot of value from their games, most notably Team Fortress 2. The amount of content they release for that is staggering. For free. And they are still going*. If it wasn’t for things like that, I would probably give up Steam. As it stands, the excellent value they provide just slightly outweighs my moral objections.

So, roll on November!

* They are probably releasing still releasing content for TF2 because they enjoy it so much.

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