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Installing / Replacing Flash Plugin in Firefox Portable

I was recently playing a game called Spin the Black Circle, a gravity-based game where you manoevre a ball through a series of hazards by rotating the environment the ball is in. It’s kind of Crystal Maze-y, without Patrick O’Brien playing a harmonica at you. Anyway, I went to play it on my Firefox portable install, and the game got stuck in a neverending rapid loop on the menu. So I figure upgrading the flash plugin was the way to go – I’d been using the same one since an early FF 2 portable install.

The install procedure was fairly straightfoward:

  1. Get NPSWF32.dll and (optionally I think) flashplayer.xpt (I have these in a zip file)
  2. Extract to FirefoxPortable/App/firefox/plugins
  3. Delete any old NPSWF32.dll s
  4. Enjoy!

That fixed the looping in the menu of the game. For reference, I think my old version was either 7 or 8.

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