More Cheap Hardware

Readers may get a certain sense of déja-vu while reading this entry. That is exactly the feeling I got when reading page 4 of the instruction manual for my new monitors. It reads as follows:

Hardware Installation
Be carefully to your LCD monitor, it’s very exquisite but easy to broken…

Yes, the text is exactly the same as the one for the widescreen 19-incher that my Dad now owns. What’s odd is that I think the monitors are two different brands… Something I will need to check when I next visit my parents’ house.

For those of you who want to know why on earth I would do something a low as reading the manual, I must say in my defence that the monitor has “focus banding” at 60Hz – horizontal distortions that appear when the mouse is moved and such. I’ll only be able to see if going to 75Hz fixes the problem once I get the motherboard for my main machine back.

It is cheap, after all…

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