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Spam Begone!

Just a small note to the effect that this blog has been weathering a fair spam storm over the past 10 days or so. It would appear from the range of IPs that someone with a nice big botnet is doing the spamming. May they die a painful death. My plan had been just to let them roll in (just about everything is moderated) and delete once every few days. However, after logging in one day and seeing that there was about fifteen hundred spams in two days, I had had enough! Well, actually I had had enough the second time that happened. That version isn’t quite so dramatic though.

Thanks to dr Dave, I now have the lovely Spam Karma 2 Plugin, which I hope will do a nice job of dealing with those spams for me. I can only hope…

See, I wouldn’t have thought that this blog would even have been on the radar for this level of spam siege. There goes my naïvety…

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