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Wikipedia Reaches 1,000,000 Articles

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Yup, those crazy Wikipedians have finally done it – they have surpassed the 1M articles mark. And they do mean one million articles. Stubs, redirects and so forth are not counted, otherwise there would be several million. Now, you may ask why I even care about such an event. Well, it turns out the subject matter of the article in question is one close to my heart…

Well, close to my home anyway. The article, created by Nach0king, is in fact about the Jordanhill railway station, a mere 5 minutes or so walk from my house. Famous neighborhood, I guess; between the station, the school used in the filming of Trainspotting and the occasional Taggart episode.

Now, I wonder what the chances are of getting Jimbo Wales to drop by for a dedication ceremony…?

2 thoughts on “Wikipedia Reaches 1,000,000 Articles”

  1. Ah, Wikipedia… the only known website capable of infecting a browser with Attention Deficit Disorder. Kudos to their anonymous contributors and their even more anonymous vandals.

    Anyone remember when Sith Lord (and man-about-town) Darth Sidious ascended to the Papacy?

    Good times.

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