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Incipient (and inane) BF2 Awards

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I have 3 badges that I’ve qualified for but need to get: Veteran knife, Veteran engineer, and Basic/Veteran Explosives Ordinance. Vet knife is probably the easiest out of those three.

I need to play a wee bit more to qualify for the next few:

1) Distingushed Service Ribbon [command time]
2) Legion of Merit Ribbon [about 15h play time]
3) Vet anti-tank [3 1/2 h]
4) Vet sniper [many h]

Those would all be good to get. I just need to forget I have exams next week so that I can play guilt-free!

3 thoughts on “Incipient (and inane) BF2 Awards”

  1. I have all those :P, just need vet repair, vet commander, vet explosives oridiannce and vet antitank/engineer/support/sinper of sf…joy of joys :D. Looks like some SF playing is in order.

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