Battlefield 2142 Arrived!

Just to let you know I am now in possesion of my very own purchased-from-a-store spyware! After the install and quick patch which was avaliable pre-release, I started it up and quickly was able to stick in my EA details and got my ksyme99 username all ready to go! I even get a fancy 2 next to my name to show I was a “veteran” of battlefield 2…Best part of that is a free unlock and I had to choose the frag grenades – can’t be without them on the Titan! I have also binded my keys and set my audio settings so I don’t have to be deafened when using teamspeak. Unfortunately can’t actually play it yet, must eat and then got a life later on…but I will be sure to post my thoughts tomorrow when I get round to playing!

[HoG] ksyme99 - Battleifled 2 Veteran!

NOTE: The [HoG] clan tag is a long and pointless story – needless to say it is now more tradition than meaning anything, especially since no other [HoG] members are planning on getting this game at the moment…

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