Greatest PC Game Character!

Nominations are now being accepted for this prestigous award, just give a comment about who YOU want to give this title. Can be man or woman, past or present (NOT future) humand or non-human, just anything. Have fun!

7 Replies to “Greatest PC Game Character!”

  1. 1) Solid Snake

    A very smooth, cool character. David Hayter does more justice to Kurt Russell’s character than Kurt himself did.

    2) Sonic

    Anyone who sticks it to Nintendo *and* Dr Robotnik is cool in my books. Unfortunately Sonic has become crap in recent years, pandering to kids. Back when Sonic was young he had attitude! As a side note, he scores so well probably because Sonic The Hedgehog for the Master System was the first game I ever played, back at the tender age of 4. Aah.

    3) Max Payne

    Anyone who can sustainedly talk in film noir-style is cooler than a freezer in winter. Nuff said.

    More as I think of them…

  2. Well, justify Freeman at least. I know he’s the scientist that runs about killing hordes of aliens and grunts and jumping/crawling from place to place… but it’s a bit too much suspension of disbelief. I mean, if there were others trying to help, maybe (still a stretch), but everyone else in Black Mesa is an abject coward! 😛

    Just wondered what your view on him were…

  3. I like characters you can relate to, fair enough max payne and sam fisher are both trained killers, but if a resonance cascade happened on MY watch, i’d like to think I would be able to handle it like freeman would. I also prefer “realistic” characters…can’t think of a good example of one that isn’t “realistic”, but I know what i mean 😛

  4. Also, if you like games when you don’t want to feel alone, you should try Call of Duty, the first one has one or two solo missions, but most of the rest and most of the second are packed with missions where it seems like there are hundreds of people fighitng at once.

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