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Midges Begone!

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About three weeks ago I was engaged in my favourite pastime, playing football. As I went onto the pitch I noticed there were a lot of small flies about. About 5 seconds later I realised they weren’t flies, but midges (probably Culicoides Impunctatus) as the little bastards ravaged my arms and legs.

Why am I annoyed? Well, three weeks later my arms and legs still have the unsightly (and not to mention itchy) bites covering them. This irritates me greatly. Fortunately, I came across a guide to repelling mosquitoes, and I figure that since both are insects of the small and bitey type the information would apply to midges as well. Here’s the list, though the post itself goes to the trouble of explaining the reasoning behind each item:

  1. Eat more garlic (also repels vampires for no extra cost!)
  2. Use fluorescent lights
  3. Use fans
  4. Wear light clothing
  5. Trim back unnecessary vegetation
  6. Attract bats (steal them from the vampires you’ve repelled)
  7. Use parsley
  8. Burn rosemary or sage (no word on thyme)
  9. Grow plants like marigolds
  10. Eliminate standing water

I would share a picture of my ravaged arm with you, but my camera has thrown a hissy fit again and is insisting that there are no images on it (as opposed to the several dozen I know are on it).

Why yes, I do like using the word ‘begone’ in post titles

Edit: Finally, my camera gave in. It actually had 503 pictures. Little hoarder. Enjoy my arm:

Bitten arm

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