Happy New Year to all! I do hope everyone celebrated the beginning of 2007 (which was very cold and windy in the UK) in an appropriate fashion. Now, I’ve never been one for new year’s resolutions (I’m perfect the way I am ;)), but this year there were a few things that had been on my To Do list for far too long, so I have moved them into the formal “resolution” territory.

My list:

  1. Stop procrastinating. This starts tomorrow. [:P]
  2. Learn another language
  3. Learn an instrument (or two)

Not a bad few, eh? Well, this is how I propose to go about achieving these lofty goals.

  1. Work out a routine that works. I hate this, but if done right it should leave me with more free time than I currently have. I’ve also almost given up gaming (take THAT, Battlefield 2!), which is a BIG time consumer and quite addictive. A larger variety of activities will now take up my very valuable time.
  2. I’m learning Spanish. Please feel free to give me advice, support and vocabulary. Mocking my attempt at Spanish enunciations is less helpful
  3. Not content with just learning an instrument, I’ve decided to take up the guitar and keyboard. Yes, I know – they are clichés in instrument form. Gotta start somewhere though. Maybe when I’m playing dueling guitar and banjo on the *banjo* it will be somewhat less clichéd. We shall see.

Well, those are my list of public resolutions; I will be doing my best to keep to them. Here’s to a great year!

What do I mean by ‘public resolutions’, you ask? Well let’s just say I have a few more resolutions that are for my eyes only, ‘kay?

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