IE7 Released

Just a quick post to let anyone who hasn’t heard know that IE 7 has officially been released as a public download after one and a half years in development. The word is that it will be pushed into automatic updates on November 1st.

It should also be noted that Firefox 2 will hopefully be released in the next few weeks, as RC 3 was made available a couple days ago. The version of Firefox 1.5 that shipped was the same as its RC 3, so here’s hoping. Personally, I can’t wait for Firefox 3 and the changes to the Gecko rendering engine (ACID compliance and the like).

On November 1st, half the world will start IE 7 and think “Oooh! The internet’s been upgraded!”

3 Replies to “IE7 Released”

  1. The Firefox 2 (Codename Bon Echo) Release Candiate 3 was released a couple days ago.

    Previously, for Firefox 1.5 (Codename Deer Park), the actual release was the same as the Release Candidate 3. It was fairly quick and I’m hoping that will happen again.

    As for Firefox 3, it is making some major changes, and I’m looking forward to its eventual release. It is currently in alpha (ie features subject to change, etc).


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