Well well. EA decided to release patch 1.2 to the world yesterday, February 14th. I played a few rounds on a couple servers to see how the patch had affected things. My thoughts: some things have changed, but not all for the better…

I hopped on an EA DE server running Dalian Plant. As USMC, I joined a squad and spawned somewhat away from Main Entrance as anti-tank, allowing me to test out the new unlock, the P90.

The P90: Carrying 50 to the clip, a reasonable rate of fire, and dealing significant damage, the P90 is a nice weapon for taking on people at close-to-medium range. Which brings me to my first point…

Having spawned and realised there was a tank nearby, I hid behind some cargo containers, despite my squad leader’s suicidal ideas of running across the open grass to get past it. I used his distraction to my advantage, firing two AT rockets into it. The gunner jumped out, but the driver went down with the tank. Knowing the gunner would be after my blood, I played it cautiously, waiting for him to emerge around a corner of a shack. A few shots at leg level (umm… my mouse was playing up) were enogh to deal fatal damage. Nice touch.

I wont bore excite you with the details, but Suffice to say I was able to continue to piss off the two ]FFA[ guys I had already killed at Main entrance, getting killed only when I was out of rockets and facing down a tank in a reloading TOW.

Next, I tried the anti-air. Now, eprhaps a J-10 wasn’t the bets target to try against, but I say you have to take on the toughest target to get a good idea of what’s going on. There are a few things to note:

  1. Lock-on distance has been decreased. This is pretty noticeable.
  2. Missiles don’t seem quite so attracted to your own teammates. Either that, or they are, but then they realise and veer off. Seemed that way anyway.
  3. It’s still easy to kill someone in an IGLA from miles away in a plane 🙁

I’ll need some more experience of AA missiles before I can pass a full judgement.

Oh yeah, and you can see the UAVs. And destroy them. Oh well.

Next up is the sniper unlock, the L96A1. The map? Mashtuur city.

The L96A1: Three words: headshots are easier. Or perhaps just one word: deadlier. The L96A1 is a very nice sniper rifle, but it seems to do well as a medium-range combat rifle (ie a scout rifle) as well. I can’t explain quite why, but I had more kills with the gun than I would with a sniper rifle normally.

Oh, and the blackhawk is much worse, which is good 🙂

But some things are still there, in all their annoying glory. The grenade launcher’s grenades still detonate fairly close (maybe not at your feet, but pretty damn close to it). You can still be spawn-raped (a 2-sec immunity would be nice), and some other things that cannot be rectified in a simple patch.

On the whole the patch looks like it will improve things in general, but I’m still going to be fairly cautious.

And while I wouldn’y normally do this, I would recommed getting the patch from FilePlanet. Yeah, it sucks in general, but for this patch it was the fastest mirror I could find. BF2 account logins should work for it anyway.