Quick CSS/BF2 update

These combined updates will probably happen more and more often, and will contain general little news items about several games…in this case Counter Strike Source and Battlefield 2.

First off, a steam update announcement:

It appears that the response to this week’s release of the Counter-Strike: Source map Militia has been overwhelmingly positive, and we hope the community is having fun playing it. We’re also planning on including two new player models, one from each side, to choose from on each side in the next major Counter-Strike: Source release.Next week we’ll be releasing the new map for Day of Defeat: Source, named Kalt, which we mentioned a couple of weeks ago. Playtesting internally has wrapped up on the map (although we’re still playing daily), and we’re expecting this sixth map to be one of the more popular releases we’ve done so far. Also, there will be a Day of Defeat: Source retail box available at software retailers around the start of February. As with all of our games, expect more updates and more content to keep coming.

overwhelmingly positive” seems a little strong, considering i cannot pla it for more than 5 minutes with it crashing, and the HDR makes even the fastest machine run like treacle. If you have the hardware, I am sure it will run wonderfully, but for me…it is a waiting game until some of these issues are fixed.

Next, a little announcement about the Booster packs for BF2:

The Booster Pack, Euro Force, introduces a fictitious EU army to the Battlefield, along with 7 new hand weapons and 4 new vehicles. They do battle against the MEC and China in 3 new levels, and in each one we’re trying to offer veteran BF2 players something different from original BF2 and Special Forces levels.In Operation Smoke Screen, the MEC and EU battle over a bombed out oil refinery, where a thick cloud of smoke blankets the center of the map making it especially difficult for jets and helicopters to identify targets on the ground. Taraba Quarry is another MEC vs. EU battle, where the fighting is centered around an old dam and quarry site. With these two levels, we’ve tried to bring back the large scale open warfare that made Battlefield 1942 so popular, with lots of tanks and a variety of ground and air vehicles to choose from.

The Great Wall of China is an EU vs. Chinese battle, relying on ground combat to create good choke point fighting within an enclosed area of the Great Wall. This map has a great mix of vehicle and infantry action, with intense fighting both around and on top of the wall itself. The 16 player version of the Great Wall features an EU paradrop over the wall itself, and the firefights that ensue are just incredible!

This was from an interview on PlanetBattlefield a few days ago, but I only just found it. They also mention 10 new ranks from 2nd Lieutenant to General, and that the Booster packs will be around 300mb each.