The folks at Microsoft’s “Linux and Open Source Lab” have done a ‘study‘ (and I use the term as loosely as possible here) to “dispel the myth that Linux will run on legacy hardware”. They claim their sudy shows more or less that Windows runs as well as Linux on legacy hardware. Interesting.

The problem is they compare the most recent Linux enterprise releases (Fedora Core 3, Slackware 10.1, etc) against Windows 2003, Windows XP (both fair enough) and, um, Windows CE. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t comparing an OS designed to work on minimalist hardware with a full install of the latest Linux distros just a tad unfair?

I urge them to compare a Linux distro that is designed to work on legacy hardware like Damn Small Linux or an early Debian release to Windows 95 or 98. The problem for them is they would find that the Linux versions are under development (DSL above), customizable (no GUI? no problem!), and work well under the hardware requirements. The Windows versions are officially unsupported (no patches for critical problems), not very customizable, and just about run on the same hardware.

Was this an effective study from Redmond? Puh-lease!