Update to Battlefield 1.2 Patch

Further to Kenny’s post, it seems there has been a leak of some additional patch information, along with some pictures.

According to PlanetBattlefield, they were sent screenshots from “a relaible source” showing (among other things) the changelog, a UAV in-flight, and the new unlocks.

If the info isn’t a hoax, the UAVs can be “shot down in flight” bringing a premature end to the radar├é┬álocation feature. Now, while I don’t like to complain (just kidding), the idea that small arms or stinger emplacements can bring down an unmanned vehicle some 8-12km up is a bit much.

UAV shot

The UAV in all its distant glory.

the changelog

The changelog from January 3rd.

Well, these may or may not be real, but for one I’m hoping UAVs cannot be shot down. I can imagine firefights now: lots of crossfire… bullets everywhere… then suddenly everyone looks up, shoots the right aerial vehicle down, and continues with the fight.

BF2 is weird and annoying enough as it is without shootable UAVs. Images used very much without permission.