Half Life 2: Aftermath

Some of you may have heard of this, the expansion to one of the best games of all time. Well, we now have a date :o.

We’re currently targeting April 24th for the release of both Aftermath and Platinum. Platinum will include HL2, HL2 DM, CS: Source, DoD: Source, and Aftermath.

Because of this special occasion, I have uploaded some screenshots and you shall bask in the wonderfullness that is – More Half Life 2! (screenies after the jump)

I have also just uploaded the teaser trailer for your enjoyment, right click the link, and choose “Save target as…”.

HL2 Aftermath Teaser Trailer

Screenie 1

Screenie 3

Screenie 4

Screenie 5

Screenie 6

Screenie 7

Screenie 8

Screenie 9

Screenie 10