“The gaming world was turned on it's head today, as…”

“…I got a new joystick and keyboard.”

Yes folks, though it may not sound like much, I have in fact got a couple of decent preipherals. I got the Saitek Evo [bigger pic], which looks and feels cool-yet-menacing. And the keyboard, well, let me just warn you now… it’s fairly generic. But it works! So at least it has an advantage over my last one…

So, gamers beware, I now have a working keyboard! No more right arrow key not responding unless I thump it! No more keypad 0 getting stuck! No more delete deleting entire lines rather than just characters! Beware!

And pilots beware too… well, I already had a joystick, but beware! My new one has more buttons! And a wee light on the top! And some light buttons! Beware!


3 Replies to ““The gaming world was turned on it's head today, as…””

  1. I have that joystick (and recommended it no less) and it is very nice, fits your hand like a glove. Also, my new mouse I sent back today, was a very nice mouse, but for the price, it should not stop working randomly…lets hope the replacement sorts it all out.

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