First non-AC post to slashdot

“…and in other news, there was a pointless post on ‘Bertie Baggio’s Wonderland’ shortly after the news of our top story broke.”

Yes, I realise this is exactly the sort of post I stereotype and bemoan on blogs. But hey, at least it isn’t a “what-I-had-for-breakfast-and-gosh-isn’t-the-world-unfair?” post. Now that would be lowering standards around here.

Anyway, I have been visiting /. on and off for a good few years now, but I never bothered registering, and rarely bothered posting replies. I figured that they had that many users, one more voice wouldn’t matter. So what has changed? Well… nothing. But my theory is that by registering, posting to ./ and to here I get to not revise! Isn’t self-analysis great? My theory is therefore summarised as “proactive procrastination”.

Back on (or is that off?) topic, I’d like to thank everyone who read my post; the moderators who modded it up – you guys rule! – and the user Wisgary, who replied “lmao haha mod this funny you bastareds”. Nice guy.
For those of you who would otherwise write letters to me, the Home Office, M15, and the nearest local assassin, please read the above with your tongue firmly in cheek, and with a generous pinch of salt.

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