CES 2006

Continuing the previous posts line of though, I decided to make it offical, and post some of my favourite things from the CES 2006.

Got your own favourite new product? Or heard of soemthing wacky? Post a comment and it might get added to The List.


6 Replies to “CES 2006”

  1. $400 for a set of speakers? A bit steep, but when the price comes down I can see it being well adopted. Now, do I buy a set of 5.1/7.1 *now* or wait a couple years…? 😛

  2. You can get a good set of quality surround speakers for under £50. For £150-£200 you get a wall shattering set. For a bit mroe than that you SEEM to get a wireless wall shattering set. I don’t know about you, but it is very tempting…now if only I knew where to buy them….

  3. That’s what I’m saying… $400 is waay too much for a set of speakers, even if they are wireless. Now, if they did wireless speakers for £50-75…

    Also, that chair has been around for a while… At least, I remember reading about it in Edge (back when I had a subscription), although it may have been another publication. Cool chair tho.

  4. It’s too much for me and most other consumers out there though. As I say, if / when it drops, I’ll have another gander. A sound system is just not worth $400 at the moment – I have other upgrade priorities.

  5. Forgot the speakers, that link suggests they are wireless…not so. They still need a fecking AC power plug – each! That link is misleading, the Logitech site explains all. Oh well, I shall have to make do with my wired set for now. Still…better than no surround sound 😛

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