BF2 Exploits Now On Google Video

Information for the masses is what Google provides. Or at least a way of searching through it. Now we have them to thank for sharing this info with us: tank exploits 🙁 The video shows enough for a BF2 player to recognize an exploiter, so hopefully this will clue up some clueless admins and give people a chance to get some evidence to report those taking advantage of the bug.

Fortunately, the video doesn’t show how to do the exploit, just the end result of it: a madly spinning turret that continues even when disembarked. What use is this you ask? Unfortunately, it allows you to get inside normally inaccessible walls/buildings, which isn’t much fun for thse trying to kill you. Of course, normally hitting a wall a that kind of speed would turn you into some homo sapiens pâté, but here, you materialize inside the building, like some quantuum tunneling field test gone wrong.

The video – 55 seconds

Now, before y’all say “Ain’t you promoting cheating here?”, I’d like to say a few things. Firstly, I don’t actually know how to do it. No loss for me. Secondly, EA knows about it. So it will probably be added to a list of fixes for a future patch. In the meantime, it will most likely be a bannable and/or account resettable offence. And lastly, I haven’t actually seen this being used in practice. Which is sort of a pity, since I’d like to get some exploiters’ accounts reset…

Now go forth into the world and use this knowledge for good!</em