For Sale: One BF2 Account, Slightly Used, One Previous pwnz0r

Now, before you all start thinking this is turning into a BF2 blog, I have to say that the next patch is rumoured to have a release date as early as Febuary 1st (or at least sometime soon), so the news for it has been coming thick and fast. Anyway, to the topic at hand…

Contrary to the slightly misleading title, I’m not selling my BF2 account. For one, I’d never part with the nom de guerre BertieBaggio without a fight, unless I had a reason never to play again. Secondly, I’ve put around 200 hours of my life into it which I’m never going to get back, so I reckon I should at least hang onto the product. However, other people have different principles…

At least one guy does. He is selling his BF2 account on eBay. Now, the player is a Gunnery Sergeant “with more than 8000 points, many unlocked weapons, some from BF2 Special Forces. Almost all of the badges.”. Having a quick look at his stats reveals a pretty poor sight. A ratio of less than 1 for win:loss and kill:death and < 1 SPM as well. Shocking. And how much does this rather crap account cost? It can be yours for over $1000. That's right. 1000 bucks is the current bid at time of writing. Of course, “account farming” is nothing new. There are teams working even now on building up characters in WoW to sell on. Some teams can make a fairly decent living – so there is a market. I’ve heard stories of other BF2 accounts being up for sale for more… ‘reasonable’ amounts, though you’d have to be mad to buy one. After all, I wouldn’t be surprised if EA reset the account details for even trying to sell it.

The auction in question.

Like I say, I won’t be selling my account any time soon. Still… 1000 bucks…. Mmmmm…..

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