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Rob Hallam

Glasgow University graduate. I have wide-ranging interests - please see my about page either here or at

One Step Closer

  • Rob Hallam 

Okay, now for a non-tech post. Those things were giving me techwriter’s block anyway. I warn you though from the outset of this post, I’ve been reading V for Vendetta [thanks Michael!], watching the film of the same, and had 1984 on my mind. So I may be a bit paranoid. Maybe.

Even still, I couldnt help but be disturbed on the way home yesterday.Read More »One Step Closer

Two Handy Portable Apps

  • Rob Hallam 

So I recently purchased a 1Gb USB drive to replace my somewhat neanderthalic (but still useful) 64Mb drive (which in turn had replaced a by-now-prehistoric 16Mb drive). Up until recently when using computers that were not my own, I had been using whatever browser was on the machine, and downloading and using puTTY each time. Not too bad, but a bit tedious. Not to mention I’m not a great fan of IE. Thus I decided to grab the portable versions of Firefox and PuTTY and put them on my USB drive.

Man is it useful having them avaliable on a flash drive or what?Read More »Two Handy Portable Apps

You're Looking Very Dapper

  • Rob Hallam 

A few days ago, I was planning on posting that I had migrated my laptop to Ubuntu 6.06 [Dapper Drake], away from Debian Etch (testing/unstable) which had been the primary OS. A copy of XP still resides on there for certain things, but it rarely gets used. I had been very happy with Debian’s performance as a desktop distro – my laptop had happily run icewm, and everything was peachy. Everyone knows that I like Debian.

Ubuntu is even better.Read More »You're Looking Very Dapper

Tag / Comment Support For Ogg Vorbis Files in WMP!

  • Rob Hallam 

So I bought some music recently (hey, it IS my birthday!), in high quality Vorbis format, of course.The files had the appropriate metadata, of course. Rhythmbox displayed a lot of nice information, of course. Windows Media Player 10 didn’t. Of course. I’m used to MS stuff being a bit backward sometimes, but this had me on the verge of mild irritation.Read More »Tag / Comment Support For Ogg Vorbis Files in WMP!

Wikipedia Reaches 1,000,000 Articles

  • Rob Hallam 

Yup, those crazy Wikipedians have finally done it – they have surpassed the 1M articles mark. And they do mean one million articles. Stubs, redirects and so forth are not counted, otherwise there would be several million. Now, you may ask why I even care about such an event. Well, it turns out the subject matter of the article in question is one close to my heart…Read More »Wikipedia Reaches 1,000,000 Articles

URI Change!

  • Rob Hallam 

Just a small announcement (that probably didn’t need an exclamation mark) to the effect that this blog has been moved from — which was… Read More »URI Change!

For Sale: One BF2 Account, Slightly Used, One Previous pwnz0r

  • Rob Hallam 

Now, before you all start thinking this is turning into a BF2 blog, I have to say that the next patch is rumoured to have a release date as early as Febuary 1st (or at least sometime soon), so the news for it has been coming thick and fast. Anyway, to the topic at hand…

Contrary to the slightly misleading title, I’m not selling my BF2 account. For one, I’d never part with the nom de guerre BertieBaggio without a fight, unless I had a reason never to play again. Secondly, I’ve put around 200 hours of my life into it which I’m never going to get back, so I reckon I should at least hang onto the product. However, other people have different principles…

Read More »For Sale: One BF2 Account, Slightly Used, One Previous pwnz0r