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Ah bass, king of the gamefish. At home in both fresh and saltwater, one of the most sought after fish in the US, this fish has its sporting origins in the nineteenth century… No no no! What? Oh, not that kind of bass. Right. Throwbacks to A Bit of Fry and Laurie aside, I feel […]

Thumbnails Still In WordPress

(follow-up to my previous post) And in other news, I jump to conclusions too quickly. WordPress does not generate thumbnails for lage images – I’ve heard both 1M and 3M quoted. There is a disussion on the support forums here. For large files I’ll have to run ImageMagick manually. What would be nice is for […]

Thumbnails Removed From WordPress?

While uploading photos, I noticed that the “thumbnail” option seems to have been removed from the latest version (2.3.2 at time of writing) of WordPress. Uploading images no longer generates thumbnails either. A few quick Google searches were not much help, except that a few people with blogs on saw it had been removed […]

Malware Woes: procsystem.exe

So I was being plagued by ZoneAlarm alerts for outbound DNS requests by an unknown process on a laptop. The offending process was procsystem.exe. A quick Google search didn’t reveal much, other than a few malware-related results. Some of them looked pretty nasty, but since there was only once process running in this case, it […]

Irritation: Xbox 360 Games on PC

Everyone’s heard a great many things about Kane and Lynch, and it sounds great on paper: by the makers of Hitman; squad-based action shooter; co-op mode; innovative multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work quite like that. First of all is the annoying Live! screens: If I wanted an Xbox experience, I’d play it on the […]

Long awaited return post!

I have been away for a wee while down in the London trying to get some work experience and generally not doing any work at all. I returned a few weeks ago, but have been busy wasting time so haven’t gotten round to posting here. It seems the quality of posting dropped dramatically in my […]

Midges Begone!

About three weeks ago I was engaged in my favourite pastime, playing football. As I went onto the pitch I noticed there were a lot of small flies about. About 5 seconds later I realised they weren’t flies, but midges (probably Culicoides Impunctatus) as the little bastards ravaged my arms and legs.

Something That Irritated Me

While on my many StumbleUpon stumbles, I came across a number of similar pages on “things to ponder”. These were pretty much a number of one-liners based on puns and technicalities. You know the kind of stuff, “What is the speed of dark” and the like. I think the people that thought these up believed […]

Music (…no, not that Madonna album)

So I had an interesting discussion about music and it got me to thinking about the current musical state of affairs.