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[Solved] Google+ Notifications Not Working

I was having problems with Google+ notifications not working more often than not in Firefox: This service is currently unavailable Please try again later. The solution that worked for me was to disable the extension “Do Not Track Plus“, as noted in this post.

Virtual Multiblog and .htaccess

TLDR: RTFM ( I had problems with permalinks and Virtual Multiblog (yet another linky), basically that for every wordpress instance I added I would have to add another set of permalink-related Apache Rewrite rules to prevent individual entries 404-ing. This was fragile and prone to failure. Fortunately, there is a Proper Way To Do It: […]

[Solved] sshd Does Not Run At System Startup (Ubuntu)

Problem: sshd does not appear to start on system boot, but runs fine when started from a terminal with /etc/init.d/ssh start Update Dec 2010: Thanks to Jeremie here. Change the following in /etc/init.d./ssh to stop sshd starting before the network is ready: Change: # Required-Start: $remote_fs $syslog to: # Required-Start: $remote_fs $syslog $network Merci Jeremie! […]