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Midges Begone!

About three weeks ago I was engaged in my favourite pastime, playing football. As I went onto the pitch I noticed there were a lot of small flies about. About 5 seconds later I realised they weren’t flies, but midges (probably Culicoides Impunctatus) as the little bastards ravaged my arms and legs.


Despite what you’re thinking, I haven’t lost my mind due to lack of sleep. Though I’m ashamed to admit it, I’ve finally gotten around to planting the pineapple plant (Ananas comosus) I got roughly a year ago today.


Thinking about insomnia keeps me awake at night. At least something does – I’m not entirely sure what, but it best be important. I find it simultaneously amazing an vexing that a body deprived of sleep will further deprive itself by refusing to sleep for even longer. In the past week or two I’ve had […]

No Elixir For Me

Despite saying earlier that I was going to give it a shot, I have yet to try the cure-all remedy suggested to me by my barber. This is due to my sore throat unexpectedly clearing up. Disaster, I know. I still have a cough though, so if it’s a Strep infection the sore throat may […]

Google Talk

No, not the IM / VOIP client, but a cool little tool that gets Google to complete a sentence made by Douwe Osinga. If you’ve ever played around with Markov chain text generators – and let’s face it, who hasn’t? – this will give you a bit of entertainment.

Barbers’ Wisdom

So along with being our occasional commentor Michael’s birthday and a belated 4th of July celebration (with flags and barbeques no less) with all the family, it was also Haircut Day today. I’m making the usual small talk with Jamie, the new guy (as opposed to Alan, who has been cutting my hair ever since […]

Something That Irritated Me

While on my many StumbleUpon stumbles, I came across a number of similar pages on “things to ponder”. These were pretty much a number of one-liners based on puns and technicalities. You know the kind of stuff, “What is the speed of dark” and the like. I think the people that thought these up believed […]