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More on the Battlefield 2142 “Spyware”

  • Kenny 

This has been a hot topic as of late, with most people seeing this as another EA money scam, others as a blatent invasion of piracy and a few don’t see the big deal. I have come across an article which explains the motives behind the ads and what they actually collect.

UPDATE: The official word from EA has also been posted where they confirm what has already been said.

Read More »More on the Battlefield 2142 “Spyware”

IE7 Released

  • Rob Hallam 

Just a quick post to let anyone who hasn’t heard know that IE 7 has officially been released as a public download after one and… Read More »IE7 Released

Battlefield 2142 to Include Spyware

  • Rob Hallam 

(Update 1: to include sypware EULA)
(Update 2: to include second link)

Kotaku is running a short piece on how EA seems to have decided to include spyware with BF 2142 for the purpose of showing in-game ads. GameJoint has news on the relationship between IGA and EA.

So. In the latest CGW podcast, they received retail boxed copies of BF 2142.

When you open the box, a big slip of paper falls out first, preceeding any discs or manuals.Read More »Battlefield 2142 to Include Spyware

More demos

  • Kenny 

I was in a demo mood last night, and got 3 of them, Paraworld, Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption and Flight Simulator X. Read on for my comments Read More »More demos

One Step Closer

  • Rob Hallam 

Okay, now for a non-tech post. Those things were giving me techwriter’s block anyway. I warn you though from the outset of this post, I’ve been reading V for Vendetta [thanks Michael!], watching the film of the same, and had 1984 on my mind. So I may be a bit paranoid. Maybe.

Even still, I couldnt help but be disturbed on the way home yesterday.Read More »One Step Closer