Wishlist: An ncurses interface to Logitech Media Server

I’ve used Icecast2 + mpd for ages, but in the last couple of years I’ve been using Logitech Media Server (LMS) to get synchronised music playback. It’s mostly good, though quite memory-hungry and a bit picky about permissions. The control of playback via web interface is functional, but I find it clunky. Given there are CLI and json interfaces (even wrappers!) to LMS, it would be nice to have an interface in the style of mpd. Such a project is beyond me time-wise, alas…

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Solved: No Files In MPD (eg mpc ls)

I was doing my initial “is it working?” tests after reinstalling mpc, and mpc ls was not giving me any output. ncmpc was also showing no files. What I didn’t appreciate was that the music database is no populated by default- you have to issue an “update” command manually (or semi-manually by running a client that issues the command for you).

mpc update

and your directories should be searched!