ScribeFire’s Arrow Keys Don’t Work

This post is composed within ScribeFire, the blogging extension thing for Frirefox (et al). And I can’t edit posts easily because using the arrow keys causes a blank javascript:; to fire. Bloody useless. Searching for solutions gets a lot of complaints (eg this chap), but not much at the root of the matter.

A workaround is to edit in plain mode. Solution to be posted if I find one.

Update: Turns out trying to post a video to a tumblr blog froze up ScribeFire real good. This doesn’t help with the original problem, it’s just more fuel for the (Scribe)Fire.

Update 2: Arrow keys work in rich text editor when I install ScribeFire as an addon for my Portable Firefox install (for Windows, arrow key troubles are under Linux). There are certainly a few issues raised on the posting for the last release, dated November 2011 (!)

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Installing / Replacing Flash Plugin in Firefox Portable

I was recently playing a game called Spin the Black Circle, a gravity-based game where you manoevre a ball through a series of hazards by rotating the environment the ball is in. It’s kind of Crystal Maze-y, without Patrick O’Brien playing a harmonica at you. Anyway, I went to play it on my Firefox portable install, and the game got stuck in a neverending rapid loop on the menu. So I figure upgrading the flash plugin was the way to go – I’d been using the same one since an early FF 2 portable install.

The install procedure was fairly straightfoward:

  1. Get NPSWF32.dll and (optionally I think) flashplayer.xpt (I have these in a zip file)
  2. Extract to FirefoxPortable/App/firefox/plugins
  3. Delete any old NPSWF32.dll s
  4. Enjoy!

That fixed the looping in the menu of the game. For reference, I think my old version was either 7 or 8.

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Firefox Beta 3

As a PortableApps Firefox user, I downloaded Beta 3 of Firefox 3. It’s pretty slick looking, and there’s a whole host of new features. I don’t like the lack of ‘go’ or ‘->’ at the end of the address bar which was useful for refreshing a page without re-POSTing, and the new location of thehome button will take some getting used to, but it looks pretty good so far!

Check it out and report back any issues to the developers.