BF2 Exploits Now On Google Video

Information for the masses is what Google provides. Or at least a way of searching through it. Now we have them to thank for sharing this info with us: tank exploits 🙁 The video shows enough for a BF2 player to recognize an exploiter, so hopefully this will clue up some clueless admins and give people a chance to get some evidence to report those taking advantage of the bug.

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Cry Engine 2 and Crysis

Far Cry was, and still is, one of the best looking games to date. The huge outdoor environments and detailed murky indoor ones, set the mood fantasticly well, and made the experience great fun!

An now, Crytek has come up with their next project, the Cry Engine 2, and the game to show it off – Crysis.

The details are sketchy, and the article posted below is in German, which isn’t much good to me, but the screenshots speak for themselves. This is using the new dx10 and all the latest technology avaliable. I am impressed, and I shall keep you updated if anything more comes out about this.

EDIT: Check out the awesome film clip of the effects and technologies they use…it looks pretty darn good.

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Yet another BF2 update!

This is another quick update from the BF2 community pages about the recent patch/booster pack. See the other posts for a compelte list of what has been changed, but here are a few more things:

Here’s a list of additional items to look for in version 1.2:

  • UAVs are now visible in the world so if you are being scanned, you can know about it and take action against it.
  • Rank progression is no longer limited to the enlisted ranks. All officer ranks are now available.
  • Bug that allowed players in vehicles to contest a flag from outside the flag radius is now fixed.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to clarify some confusion stemming from our updates.

The first item is on the topic of grenades. Players will still be able to toss grenades while jumping. Although the ability to fire while jumping has been removed, players will still be able to initiate a grenade toss prior to jumping and follow through with the toss, thereby gaining themselves some extra distance. We understand that there will be some adjustment in tactics required when the patch comes out but we are confident that the community will quickly come to grips with the new tactics.

The second item is on the topic of the booster packs. We have not created the maps as a separate expansion pack requiring a separate server. The booster packs will increase the content of the base game and thereby may be run on a server in regular rotation with the original maps.

Hopefully this clears up any issues you might have had with any of the updates.

2 videos released for Battlefield 1.2 patch

Well, it seems we have more proof that the changes to Battlefield 2 in the 1.2 are for real, and that UAVs can (unfortunately) be shot down. Videos released from PlanetBattlefield and show the UAV (and other features) in action.

Edit: Kenny found us some video footage of the new unlocks in action

Edit #2: Alpha Test summary from
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