Mosaic Generator

Okay, we’ve all seen those big posters in tourist-y shops of well known images (Millennium Falcon, Steve McQueen, some jam…) that are – on closer inspection – made up of lots of mini-images in a mosaic-esque effect. If the artist is really clever, they will use related images to build up the bigger image; in the Millennium Falcon example, they used scenes from Star Wars. I think you get the idea.

Well now you can reproduce the hard work and hours of effort by simply using a slightly AJAXified website. You supply the image file (it supports PNG, GIF, JPG and JPEG files) and it will produce an image concatenated together from a bunch of Flickr photos. Being the curious sort, I naturally tried it out – the resulting images are quite impressive. Continue reading “Mosaic Generator”

Spore Part I

Finally, Will Wright and his cadre of demoscene hackers has created something that I’ve wanted since I first started playing games. Spore lets you take a species from molecule to intergalactic civilization an a free-form manner. The game is both evolutionary and revolutionary (and I use the latter term cautiously) in a number of ways. Continue reading “Spore Part I”

Tag / Comment Support For Ogg Vorbis Files in WMP!

So I bought some music recently (hey, it IS my birthday!), in high quality Vorbis format, of course.The files had the appropriate metadata, of course. Rhythmbox displayed a lot of nice information, of course. Windows Media Player 10 didn’t. Of course. I’m used to MS stuff being a bit backward sometimes, but this had me on the verge of mild irritation. Continue reading “Tag / Comment Support For Ogg Vorbis Files in WMP!”

Cry Engine 2 and Crysis

Far Cry was, and still is, one of the best looking games to date. The huge outdoor environments and detailed murky indoor ones, set the mood fantasticly well, and made the experience great fun!

An now, Crytek has come up with their next project, the Cry Engine 2, and the game to show it off – Crysis.

The details are sketchy, and the article posted below is in German, which isn’t much good to me, but the screenshots speak for themselves. This is using the new dx10 and all the latest technology avaliable. I am impressed, and I shall keep you updated if anything more comes out about this.

EDIT: Check out the awesome film clip of the effects and technologies they use…it looks pretty darn good.

wow3 Continue reading “Cry Engine 2 and Crysis”