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Firefox 2 (Now Officially!) Released

With the Firefox 2 RC3 being released recently we have all been waiting with bated breath for the full 2.0 release. Well I have anyway. Seems I didn’t have long to wait: Firefox 2 has been moved to the ‘release’ section of Mozilla’s FTP server. Go get it! (From that page go to either ‘win32’ […]

IE7 Released

Just a quick post to let anyone who hasn’t heard know that IE 7 has officially been released as a public download after one and a half years in development. The word is that it will be pushed into automatic updates on November 1st. It should also be noted that Firefox 2 will hopefully be […]

Two Handy Portable Apps

So I recently purchased a 1Gb USB drive to replace my somewhat neanderthalic (but still useful) 64Mb drive (which in turn had replaced a by-now-prehistoric 16Mb drive). Up until recently when using computers that were not my own, I had been using whatever browser was on the machine, and downloading and using puTTY each time. […]