Stretch Your Mind: Planarity


“Arrange the vertices such that no edges overlap”

Planarity is a game that is simple in concept, but will have your visual processing areas tying themselves in knots. All you have to do is rearrange a bunch of vertices so that none overlap (creating a planar graph). It starts off simple but gets complex very quickly.

Edit: Duh. Forgot to include a link in the original post.

Wasn’t too many levels before I was hopelessly tangled…

300: The Film, The Workout

So I saw the film 300 yesterday. It’s a pretty entertaining film; I’ve always had a predilection for ancient Greek and Roman history – especially Sparta, Lacedaemonia, and the Pelopennesian Peninsula. Of course, people tended to snort derisively whenever I mentioned this, but when they see this film I’m sure their tone will change. If you want to see a film with a good bit of action and reasonable attempt at a plot, I’d heartily recommend it.

Now for the workout. Looking like the actors in 300 do (see below) takes a serious workout, and a buttload of determination to boot. Continue reading “300: The Film, The Workout”

Mosaic Generator

Okay, we’ve all seen those big posters in tourist-y shops of well known images (Millennium Falcon, Steve McQueen, some jam…) that are – on closer inspection – made up of lots of mini-images in a mosaic-esque effect. If the artist is really clever, they will use related images to build up the bigger image; in the Millennium Falcon example, they used scenes from Star Wars. I think you get the idea.

Well now you can reproduce the hard work and hours of effort by simply using a slightly AJAXified website. You supply the image file (it supports PNG, GIF, JPG and JPEG files) and it will produce an image concatenated together from a bunch of Flickr photos. Being the curious sort, I naturally tried it out – the resulting images are quite impressive. Continue reading “Mosaic Generator”

You know you have cheap hardware when…

So finally bit the “but it’s over £100” bullet and bought a new TFT monitor the other day. The monitor in question was a nice-looking 19-incher for roughly £110 (with free shipping to boot). I ordered it from eBuyer, choosing the delivery option that equated to “get it to me whenever”.

Two days later I got my delivery. Continue reading “You know you have cheap hardware when…”

We’ve Moved!

No, it’s not another URI change. However, the blog has now been moved from my home rock-solid Debian server to my dedicated server (the fancy Fedora Core). The main reason – aside from the fact that I’ve planned this for a while now – is mentioned here. So you should notice both an increase in speed and availability. Of course I still reserve the right to take the blog down at any time without any prior notice yadda yadda, but uptime should hopefully asymptote towards 100%. Here’s to the future!

I think my internet browsing experience just got a whole lot faster without thousands of comment spams delivered to my doorstep.

Spam Begone!

Just a small note to the effect that this blog has been weathering a fair spam storm over the past 10 days or so. It would appear from the range of IPs that someone with a nice big botnet is doing the spamming. May they die a painful death. My plan had been just to let them roll in (just about everything is moderated) and delete once every few days. However, after logging in one day and seeing that there was about fifteen hundred spams in two days, I had had enough! Continue reading “Spam Begone!”

Two Handy Portable Apps

So I recently purchased a 1Gb USB drive to replace my somewhat neanderthalic (but still useful) 64Mb drive (which in turn had replaced a by-now-prehistoric 16Mb drive). Up until recently when using computers that were not my own, I had been using whatever browser was on the machine, and downloading and using puTTY each time. Not too bad, but a bit tedious. Not to mention I’m not a great fan of IE. Thus I decided to grab the portable versions of Firefox and PuTTY and put them on my USB drive.

Man is it useful having them avaliable on a flash drive or what? Continue reading “Two Handy Portable Apps”

Tag / Comment Support For Ogg Vorbis Files in WMP!

So I bought some music recently (hey, it IS my birthday!), in high quality Vorbis format, of course.The files had the appropriate metadata, of course. Rhythmbox displayed a lot of nice information, of course. Windows Media Player 10 didn’t. Of course. I’m used to MS stuff being a bit backward sometimes, but this had me on the verge of mild irritation. Continue reading “Tag / Comment Support For Ogg Vorbis Files in WMP!”