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Night Light

Back from hiatus again, really only to comment on how light it is here tonight. I went outside at half past one because I looked out the window and thought someone was shining a ight on my garden. It was really that light. It must just be a reflection of the city lights off the […]

GU Amnesty

Just to let you guys know that since joining them a month and a bit ago, not only am I involved with the GU Amnesty website as previously mentioned; but also we have a blog now. If you know me, you’ll know I can get passionate about things. Amnesty gives me a way to direct […]

New Stuff: Gallery2

I’ve got a new toy of sorts – I installed Gallery2 on my server and I’m going to play with it to see how it works. First impressions seem to point towards it being pretty cool. I’ll give you a taste of one of the early images uploaded: 29 This is from Kenny – a […]

Something That Irritated Me

While on my many StumbleUpon stumbles, I came across a number of similar pages on “things to ponder”. These were pretty much a number of one-liners based on puns and technicalities. You know the kind of stuff, “What is the speed of dark” and the like. I think the people that thought these up believed […]

Don’t believe your eyes!

Just a quick post pointing out an interesting bit of optical chicanery. Blogger Whale has an image that changes depending on how close you are.

Faire la cuisine

I’ve created another blog dedicated to recipes and all things cooking. You can find it at the imaginative URL

More Cheap Hardware

Readers may get a certain sense of déja-vu while reading this entry. That is exactly the feeling I got when reading page 4 of the instruction manual for my new monitors. It reads as follows:

Spam Begone Update

Three months ago I installed Spam Karma 2 from dr Dave to deal with all the spam comments I was getting. As I commented then, the blog was being inundated with hundreds of spams, so much so that legitimate comments were being buried. In fact, when I recently wrote again on this matter, there had […]

Stretch Your Mind: Planarity

“Arrange the vertices such that no edges overlap” Planarity is a game that is simple in concept, but will have your visual processing areas tying themselves in knots. All you have to do is rearrange a bunch of vertices so that none overlap (creating a planar graph). It starts off simple but gets complex very […]

300: The Film, The Workout

So I saw the film 300 yesterday. It’s a pretty entertaining film; I’ve always had a predilection for ancient Greek and Roman history – especially Sparta, Lacedaemonia, and the Pelopennesian Peninsula. Of course, people tended to snort derisively whenever I mentioned this, but when they see this film I’m sure their tone will change. If […]