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Don’t believe your eyes!

Just a quick post pointing out an interesting bit of optical chicanery. Blogger Whale has an image that changes depending on how close you are.

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This is How We Catch You Downloading

TorrentFreak are running a story about the means and methods used to track filesharers on P2P networks. The firm responsible for finding those sharing copyrighted works, Logistep AG, are using a piece of software called File Sharing Monitor.

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NOT a Crysis Post!!

OK, I have decided that the standard has been slipping lately in this blog, so I am making a return to bring it back to it’s former glory!

Now the title is a little misleading. This isn’t about Crysis, it is about the CryENGINE2, or more specifically, the editor which allows you to utilise this engine. It just so happens the demos that are available are all for Crysis maps (the only game to be written with the engine…yet). But I have to say the editor looks like it could be a whole new game in itself!

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Mailed Postings

If you are reading this post it means three things:

1. The post-by-email settings on the blog are correct.

2. The cron job I set up on my home server to tell the blog to check its
mail is working properly.

3. My phone can actually send emails.

Even though the options for posting from phones seem somewhat limited, this
will be handy in a couple of situations. One is ‘I’m out and want to post
but don’t want to log into the blog’, another is photo/moblogging. I’ll
need to do some setting up to get the second case to work, but if I can get
it going like dr Dave does his it’ll be sweet.

Here’s to a bright future of email posting!

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Faire la cuisine

I’ve created another blog dedicated to recipes and all things cooking. You can find it at the imaginative URL

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Trains (and Pâté)

So, having recently moved, I thought I’d share with you a phenomenon that I’ve come to live with: living beside a train line. Now, you may be thinking “aha, Robert, you poor fool! Living beside a train line must be hell!”. Well, short answer: it isn’t.

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More Cheap Hardware

Readers may get a certain sense of déja-vu while reading this entry. That is exactly the feeling I got when reading page 4 of the instruction manual for my new monitors. It reads as follows:

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I’ve Moved

This post should not be confused with a similarly-named post I made earlier wherein I detailed putting this blog on the dedicated server I have. This time, it is in fact my corpus that has moved to a new locus. That is to say I’ve gotten a new flat.