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You know you have cheap hardware when…

So finally bit the “but it’s over £100” bullet and bought a new TFT monitor the other day. The monitor in question was a nice-looking 19-incher for roughly £110 (with free shipping to boot). I ordered it from eBuyer, choosing the delivery option that equated to “get it to me whenever”. Two days later I […]

Tom and Jerry Music

Preamble: Yes, I know that arguably this post falls into the class of “pointless stuff I generally detest”, but I figured it might interest someone else looking for the info. This morning my hi-fi alarm went off (as usual), was tuned into some kind of classical music station (as usual), and just about failed to […]

Spore Part I

Finally, Will Wright and his cadre of demoscene hackers has created something that I’ve wanted since I first started playing games. Spore lets you take a species from molecule to intergalactic civilization an a free-form manner. The game is both evolutionary and revolutionary (and I use the latter term cautiously) in a number of ways.

We’ve Moved!

No, it’s not another URI change. However, the blog has now been moved from my home rock-solid Debian server to my dedicated server (the fancy Fedora Core). The main reason – aside from the fact that I’ve planned this for a while now – is mentioned here. So you should notice both an increase in […]

Update Update Update

I’m afraid this is not only an update as the title suggests, but also a confession. At the start of this year, I made three resolutions. So far I’ve kept to about one and a half. It’s not that I’ve lost sight of my goals – if anything I want them more than ever. However, […]