You know you have cheap hardware when…

So finally bit the “but it’s over £100” bullet and bought a new TFT monitor the other day. The monitor in question was a nice-looking 19-incher for roughly £110 (with free shipping to boot). I ordered it from eBuyer, choosing the delivery option that equated to “get it to me whenever”.

Two days later I got my delivery. Continue reading “You know you have cheap hardware when…”

Tom and Jerry Music

Preamble: Yes, I know that arguably this post falls into the class of “pointless stuff I generally detest”, but I figured it might interest someone else looking for the info.

This morning my hi-fi alarm went off (as usual), was tuned into some kind of classical music station (as usual), and just about failed to wake me up (as usual). What was unusual was that as I was half asleep listening to the static-filled music – my hi-fi has no aerial to speak of; it’s a wonder it gets any reception at all – was that I recognized the piece that was playing. While I didn’t know its name or even the composer, I could clearly see the scene from the Tom and Jerry cartoon Mice Follies in which it featured. The scene is the one where Tom is effortlessly keeping up with Jerry and Nibbles’ skating while dodging chairs and various other part of furniture. At the end I just about made out the presenter mentioning Strauss and “spring”. Continue reading “Tom and Jerry Music”

Spore Part I

Finally, Will Wright and his cadre of demoscene hackers has created something that I’ve wanted since I first started playing games. Spore lets you take a species from molecule to intergalactic civilization an a free-form manner. The game is both evolutionary and revolutionary (and I use the latter term cautiously) in a number of ways. Continue reading “Spore Part I”

We’ve Moved!

No, it’s not another URI change. However, the blog has now been moved from my home rock-solid Debian server to my dedicated server (the fancy Fedora Core). The main reason – aside from the fact that I’ve planned this for a while now – is mentioned here. So you should notice both an increase in speed and availability. Of course I still reserve the right to take the blog down at any time without any prior notice yadda yadda, but uptime should hopefully asymptote towards 100%. Here’s to the future!

I think my internet browsing experience just got a whole lot faster without thousands of comment spams delivered to my doorstep.