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One Week

So, as of yesterday evening, I’ve been here for a week. Since my last post I have moved out of the guest house. I’m grateful for this, the room was dark all day around (or light, if you put the single flourescent light on). It was adequate, but no more. I am currently staying with […]

Second Day

Another after-the-fact post. This is written at about 1420 on the 9th of November. Right. So after sleeping in this morning (my room has no external light and my phone had no charge) I went down to the nearest movistar shop to get a SIM card. Once again, I found the place mostly through luck […]


This post is retroactively posted as there’s no wifi at the place I’m staying. It’s 2242 local time (so 2142 UK time), and by now I’ve arrived, checked in (kinda, more on that later) and eaten. Getting here was, well, interesting. Firstly, I saw Eddie Izzard at the MEN arena last night. He was pretty […]

Leaving Today…

Well, I’m actually leaving tomorrow… which is technically today. Actually, Sunday if you mean the country. But still the strains of the Divine Comedy’s mournful leaving song echo in my ears. My work got me a going away card + cake(s) + present, which was jolly nice of them. The card was especially lovely: Aww. […]