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Project Euler Problem 25 Pitfalls

Project Euler problem 25 is reasonably straighforward. It asks you to find the first term in the Fibonacci sequence with more than 1000 digits. In ones like these, not reading the question properly is more likely to be your downfall than anything else. So: Give the number of the first term which has 1000 digits, […]

Project Euler Problem 17

Check your spelling / letter counts. Seriously. Sixty is 5 letters long, not 6; a false friend numeral. Also, from the forums: look at the use of the word and. The examples are your friend.

Project Euler Problem 11

Just a hint, so you don’t go down the wrong path. You probably won’t, but if you don’t want any hints, stop reading this article! PS If you don’t know what Project Euler is, I recommend having a look at their website, or just getting an idea from the problems themselves. What is Project Euler? […]