iPod Classic Volume Cap FTL

Edit: Forgot to include noise-cancelling / in-ear / tin can headphones as an option. Thanks George! Jump to the choices if you want to skip the blah.

Another update: I really must strongly recommend noise-blocking earbuds or similar. I bought a pair which have rounded soft material on the bud – essentially a cross between an earplug and an earbud. They were relatively cheap (about £8 from Argos), and the difference is substantial. They claim 30dB reduction or such, I don’t know whether that is true, but I can say that for many situations 40% volume is now sufficient. They do take a little getting used to, but once you use them you won’t go back – and your ears will thank you. Happy listening!

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The Glasgow Apple Store

…or as I like to call it “the place of Temptation, so tempting it requires a capital ‘t'”.

So I moseyed into the Apple Store, like I said I would. Pricing of the iPod Classic is in-line with the online Apple Store – £189. I wasn’t able to talk them down from that price as such; instead they let me know that they offer a 10% trade in, bringing the total to £170 ish. The guy in the store said the final price would be £161, and if they want to change me that that’s fine. I have student discount through my uni for the online store, but it no longer applies to music players, just Apple’s line of computers. Actually, the new MacBook is very steeply discounted (just over £110 off) which really, REALLY tests my willpower.

Now, the Geniuses upstairs in the store may be able to do something with my hard drive. I don’t know what they would charge for data recovery, and so I’m not sure if I’d be willing to pay; especially when I’m not sure of everything that’s on there. I think I’ll do my best puppy dog eyes when I go, and see if they at least offer to tell me what is on there for free.