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My Short APB Review

(Note: I also posted this over on Slashdot on the story about the fact that APB is to use in-game advertisements) Having played the beta, my short review of APB is: “drive here, shoot stuff, repeat”. Oops! Seems like I broke the embargo on reviews which was initially set at 10 freakin’ days after release! […]

Crysis Review

After years of waiting and anticipating Crysis has finally arrived! The big question is – was it worth the wait? The short answer is “Hell Yes!”, while the long answer is more complicated… First off is the system requirements – this game is mean on your PC. It will stretch any system to its limits. […]

“The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” Review

This post started out as a continuation of my long lost one about the best shooters which you must play. In the end it looks more like a review for oblivion, so I shall officaially declare this the start of a series of reviews I will do on some of the games I own.

Battlefield 2142 Review Deux

Since Kenny did a good review of 2142, I thought I would add my thoughts to the mix.

Battlefield 2142 Demo Review / Biased Opinions

Not been many posts on BF2 since…a while. Last one was about the 1.2 patch, and adding new weapons as I recall. Those days are far behind us. We now have 1.4 and the game to me is just as fun, if not more so, than when I first started playing over a year ago […]