Wikipedia Reaches 1,000,000 Articles

Yup, those crazy Wikipedians have finally done it – they have surpassed the 1M articles mark. And they do mean one million articles. Stubs, redirects and so forth are not counted, otherwise there would be several million. Now, you may ask why I even care about such an event. Well, it turns out the subject matter of the article in question is one close to my heart…

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URI Change!

Just a small announcement (that probably didn’t need an exclamation mark) to the effect that this blog has been moved from — which was pretty ugly — to; which is nicer looking, more descriptive, and let me experiment to figure out how the directive works in Apache.

And here is your word of the week: Gegenbeispiel (German for counterexample)

EDIT: Feeds and 404s fixed.

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