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If You Want Me To Take Green Energy Seriously, Include Nuclear

Short post, inspired by yet another Facebook group. This time, it’s “Scotland for Green Energy”. I’ll be as brief as possible. My point is this: we can reprocess fuel and significantly cut down on waste, making nuclear fission attractive ecologically (read up on it, some keywords: pebble bed, thorium reactor, breeder reactors). However, I’ve still […]

iPod Classic Volume Cap FTL

Edit: Forgot to include noise-cancelling / in-ear / tin can headphones as an option. Thanks George! Jump to the choices if you want to skip the blah. Another update: I really must strongly recommend noise-blocking earbuds or similar. I bought a pair which have rounded soft material on the bud – essentially a cross between […]

The Glasgow Apple Store

…or as I like to call it “the place of Temptation, so tempting it requires a capital ‘t’”. So I moseyed into the Apple Store, like I said I would. Pricing of the iPod Classic is in-line with the online Apple Store – £189. I wasn’t able to talk them down from that price as […]

A Cautionary Tale: I Broke My iPod Trying to Fix It

Well, it’s not really a tale, as a tale implies length. More of a cautionary anecdote… or cautionary aside. All right, a cautionary mentioned-in-passing. I had intended to fix my iPod’s screen tonight. I’ve previously replaced a broken laptop screen, which has plenty of tricky, footery bits. However, in my attempt, I broke it completely. […]

Spanish Adventure Update: Banks Aren’t Useless After All

Well, not completely useless. A follow up to my post from a few months ago. — So, by now I have decided to go to Barcelona. I will be entering medical school next September, so don’t worry, I haven’t given that up! I don’t have any particular job lined up, but I have heard from […]

HOWTO: Highlighting Kill Weapons In Battlefield 2142

I’ve been playing a little Battlefield 2142 recently. Because I notice little things, I missed the weapon highlighting that I was used to in Battlefield 2. In trying to rectify this, I found that it’s actually quite tricky to find out how to do this. Most searches include posts about the BF2 version, with 2142 […]

I Support The TV License

Before anything, I want to declare my opinion so that you know where I’m coming from. I support the notion of a TV license. Not blindly, not so that I accept it in any form, but I am in broad agreement with the concept. Now why should I care to defend it? Well, Facebook, that […]

Count Arguments In A Bash Script

Another useful tip I’m sure most people will be familiar with, but in bash scripts $# stores the number of arguments passed to the script. Eg, combine with $@ (all arguments) for batch processing (what I used it for): foreach $arg in $@; do [stuff] [compare with $# to tell remaining items] done Very basic […]