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Batch Rename or Move An Extension In Linux (Eg .JPG to .jpg)

A short and easy trick, but one that is either not referred to or more complex examples given. I wanted to change a bunch of upper case .JPG images to lower case. Rather than writing a bash script or some such, I just used the ‘rename’ command: rename ‘s/\.JPG$/\.jpg/’ *.JPG It may depend on perl […]


Ah bass, king of the gamefish. At home in both fresh and saltwater, one of the most sought after fish in the US, this fish has its sporting origins in the nineteenth century… No no no! What? Oh, not that kind of bass. Right. Throwbacks to A Bit of Fry and Laurie aside, I feel […]

How Not To Run a Poll

There is a very good writeup by Paul Lamere of Music Machinery of how Anonymous subverted a major poll by Time. AKA “moot wins, Time Inc. loses“. A number of things strike me: Despite how obvious it is, Time deny that the poll was manipulated, stating they have safeguards in place, etc, etc. I guess […]

Brown Apologises For Treatment of Turing

The British Government has apologised for the treatment of Alan Turing, convicted of ‘gross indecency’ and sentenced to chemical castration under anti-homosexuality laws in 1952. In a statement responding to a petition on the Prime Minister’s website, Gordon Brown has recognised that the action taken against Turing was “inhumane” and “appalling”, and that he [Turing] […]

Sleep Matters

Once again, the BBC is running a story about how if you value your mental health, you should sleep apart from your partner. Link. This story concerns two talks, both given as part of the British Science Festival (Sleep After 60: Changes and Challenges in Later Life). The first part is a study done by […]

Mission Failed

Drat! I failed my test. Did all the hard parts fine, but two silly things let me down: A failure to indicate while doing a reverse park… Didn’t know about this but hey ho, I do now. Went through an unmarked crossroads on Mitre Road, a road I am intimately familiar with. D’oh. My intructor […]

Driving Test Stuff

My practical test is in a week. Eep, yikes, etc etc. I had my penultimate lesson (counting the one right before the Real Thingâ„¢) today, and managed to get a couple of silly fails out of my system. My point point is that the website The Driving Test could be quite useful if you’re in […]