A Contentious Matter Indeed

The Scottish Executive – the government, MY government, the government representing everyone eligible to vote here – have decided to release the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, on compassionate grounds. See  Reactions have been mixed.

In typical fashion, the BBC have statements from relatives of victims on both sides of the fence. Twitter is also all a-tweet  with reactions. One in particular caught my eye:

The Lockerbie bomber walks. The Scottish government should not get off lightly. Boycott Scottish products and travel for 1 month.


We shouldn’t get off lightly for taking a soveriegn decision? Interesting. I understand 189 Americans were on board that flight, but the reason I take exception to this kind of remark is that it does more (collateral) damage to independent businesses. Back when my parents were running a B&B they lost quite a number of bookings due to “British involvement in the Iraq war”.  There are better ways of getting your message across, although if you are going to boycott a nation for the actions of the government, please actually write to the government to explain that you are doing it.

Anyway, enjoy your month of no golf, burgers from BK, penicillin, etc.

Other tweets are fun:

Lockerbie bomber released. Scotland, YOU SUCK

I’m sorry.

Obama could have stopped the release of Lockerbie terrorist if he really wanted to stop it.

“My fellow Americans, I regret to announce that a state of war exists between our two great democracies…”

Actually, a lot of the tweets are reasonable (dang!). Some even make mention of the dubiety of evidence presented against him.

Anyway, as a Scottish citizen here is my completely-official real-FOR-SURE deal to all Americans who are unhappy with al-Megrahi’s release. Are you listening, Hillary? If you all (*all* of you) apologise for calling our lovely NHS evil, uncaring, killing poor helpless ill people and “a terrorist breeding ground” (Fox News I think, look it up) then we’ll divert his chartered plane to the nearest CIA extraordinary rendition camp and call it square. Fair’s fair!

For real.

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Night Light

Back from hiatus again, really only to comment on how light it is here tonight. I went outside at half past one because I looked out the window and thought someone was shining a ight on my garden. It was really that light.

It must just be a reflection of the city lights off the clouds, but normally it doesn’t get quite so light. I mean I checked – I could read outside in the ambient light. And this isn’t me bragging about my super-duper night vision either – I’d had lights on in various rooms before I went outside.

I tried to take some photos to illustrate what I mean but if my camera’s screen is any indication they failed horribly, even on night setting. I mean, my camera is a wee PAS number; this is another of the times I’d like a decent camera. A dSLR with a full range of options on exposure and lenses would be nice, but that way lies madness and spending armfuls of cash.