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Visualising The YouTube Pakistan Outage

There is a good post by bluesky74656 detailing how you you can get a pretty cool representation of the BGP routing mess that took out YouTube for anywhere up to 2/3 for the world. I’ve reproduced the post here: Head over to this site. It visualizes the BGP routes between different AS’s. Click ‘Start BGPlay’. […]

Soup Crimp

Soup, Soup-a-tasty Soup, soup-a-spicy Carrot and coriander; chili chowder! Crouton, crouton – crunchy friends in a liquid broth I am gaspachio – oh! – I am a summersoup – mm! Miso, miso – fighting in the Dojo Miso, miso – oriental prince in the land of soup! Plain Crimp: On YouTube The Scene (from “Fountain […]

Stewart and Colbert Vs O’Brien

Kinda funny, kinda whimsical. Good for a couple of laffs.

Firefox Beta 3

As a PortableApps Firefox user, I downloaded Beta 3 of Firefox 3. It’s pretty slick looking, and there’s a whole host of new features. I don’t like the lack of ‘go’ or ‘->’ at the end of the address bar which was useful for refreshing a page without re-POSTing, and the new location of thehome […]

Back to Ubuntu

So I’m suppose to be revising for the Big Testâ„¢ that I’ve got tomorrow, but instead I decided to reboot in Ubuntu. And by gosh, I’d forgotten how nice it looks. And this is still the 7.04 version! Sounds are nice too – it’s probably just subjective perception, but playing music sounds nicer too, although […]